Guided Day Tours to Windjana and Tunnel Creek Gorges

Our 9-hour round trip day tour to the spectacular Windjana and Tunnel Creek Gorges, with respected Bunuba elder, Dillon Andrews, as your guide is an unforgettable trip to some of the most amazing and spiritually significant Aboriginal sites in the Kimberley. Our tours which run 3 times weekly can be booked through the Fitzroy Crossing Visitor Center.

Windjana and Tunnel Creek Gorge Day Tours

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Windjana Gorge


Windjana & Tunnel Creek Bus Tours

Windjana Gorge National Park, covering over 2000 hectares is one of the Kimberley’s most stunning gorges, with water-streaked walls that rise majestically to heights of up to 100 metres.

Carved by the Lennard River and over three kilometres long, Windjana Gorge was once under the ocean and is part of a 375-million year-old Devonian reef system that is regarded by geologists as a classic feature of world geology. This reef system can also be seen at Geikie Gorge and Tunnel Creek National Parks.

Windjana Gorge is a highly spiritual place to Bunuba people and the Wandjina are the powerful creation spirits that reside here. Hence the name Windjana. Windjana Gorge National Park is 150 kilometres from Fitzroy Crossing and the only access is by unsealed roads.

Windjana and Tunnel Creek Gorges
Windjana & Tunnel Creek Bus Tours


Windjana & Tunnel Creek Bus Tours

During the wet season, the Lennard River winds its way through the gorge, but during the dry season the river stops running and forms large billabong pools.

These large pools of water are home to over 70 freshwater crocodiles that bask on the edge of the pools every day. The abundance of water and sun provide perfect growing conditions along the river banks for paperbarks, cadjebuts, native fig trees and leichhardt trees.

In turn the trees provide welcome relief for water-birds, fruit bats and extremely noisy corellas.

Windjana & Tunnel Creek Bus Tours
Windjana & Tunnel Creek Bus Tours

tunnel creek gorge

Windjana and Tunnel Creek Gorges

The area is of great cultural importance to the local Bunuba people who once lived there, and was the base for Jandamurra, the Indigenous outlaw who led an armed rebellion against European settlers in the 1890s.

You will visit Western Australia’s oldest cave system, known as Jandamarra’s hideout, where the legendary Aboriginal Leader played hide and seek with the police, until he was killed there by another aboriginal tracker in 1897.

A torch will be required inside Tunnel Creek – if you haven’t got one don’t worry – we have plenty on the bus. Be prepared to get wet and possibly cold – wear appropriate footwear – strapped sandals, reef shoes or shoes recommended. If you intend to take your camera or phone, consider including a waterproof cover in case you drop your device.

Windjana & Tunnel Creek Bus Tours

tour prices


$235 per person


$150 per person


Tour includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea

Road and weather conditions permitting during the ‘wet’ season.

Wet season traditionally runs from November to April

Tour duration is approximately between 9 hrs

Return journey is 300km’s

Torches provided

tour times

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