Welcome to Fitzroy Crossing Buses

We area home grown business working and living in the Fitzroy Crossing Valley since 2003.
Welcome to our neighbourhood – we love what we do.

The business comprises 50% Indigenous ownership and one of the highest ratios of Indigenous employment of any business in the West Kimberley.

The business has been providing passenger transport as its core services since inception to a varied client base that includes; community organisations; State & Federal Government agencies; private sector organisations; schools; and mining companies.

The passenger transport services are complemented by a large mechanical and towing service, Crossing Auto and Towing , which is owned and operated by the same partners (www.crossingautomotive.com.au). This business is 50% Indigenous-owned and proudly boasts a high level of Indigenous employment.

Our Mission

“To be recognised as the premier provider of high quality, safe passenger transport services in the Kimberley’

Our Values

Fitzroy Crossing Buses has a series of core values that underpin what the company stands for and are embedded into its operations.
Safety First – the safety and well-being of our passengers and employees is paramount and will never be compromised. Safety always comes first.
Quality – the delivery of our services is founded on a best-practice approach to vehicle maintenance, cleanliness, operating procedures and ensuring contract deliverables are met.
Reliability – we will deliver what we promise.
Community – we are a for-profit business but acknowledge our social and community obligations by supporting Indigenous employment, enterprise development and the community in which we operate.

Why Choose Us?

Fitzroy Crossing Buses holds over fifteen (15) years’ experience in the provision of passenger transport across the Kimberley region. The business has an exemplary safety record backed by comprehensive standard operating procedures and safety policies (to ISO standard) that underpin our commitment to quality.

Through our varied client base the business has met strict requirements relating to passenger safety and well-being (Health & Safety policy development and implementation), scheduled timelines and standards relating to presentation and performance of vehicles. The business has successfully passed operational audits with Rio Tinto and the WA Department of Transport.

The business has achieved a very high level of compliance, through thorough training and staff inductions, high vehicle / bus reliability (serviced through Crossing Auto) and strong business leadership from the directors to ensure company values are upheld.

The depth of experience and best-practice operating systems employed by the business demonstrate Plum Oak Pty Ltd has the capacity and capability to meet all passenger transport requirements. The business has knowledge, experience and expertise that is unrivaled in the Kimberley region.

Fitzroy Crossing Buses

Fitzroy Crossing Buses

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Fitzroy Crossing Buses

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Our Services include:

Dry hire of our 4WD fleet (you drive / provide driver) (see our fleet)

Wet hire of our 4WD fleet (we provide accredited driver)

Airport pick up, drop off and luggage transportation

Short term/long term hire of our vehicles and crew

Daily wet hire transfers from camp to site

Sporting groups transfers and functions

School bus charters and excursions

Funeral transportation

Assorted Trailer hire

Mine site transfers

All Vehicle hire

transport for the outback and more

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